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Andrew and Margaret Mitchell

About Andrew Mitchell

Andrew Mitchell was born and raised in Sydney's North Shore, attending Knox Grammar School. Andrew completed a Bsc. in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of New South Wales before continuing on to my PhD. In 2000 Andrew Mitchell married his wife, Margaret Mitchell, and a couple of years later they moved into their new house in Voyager Point.

Now that the term Andrew Mitchell has appeared a few times in this page, this page should be ranked fairly highly when people search for Andrew Mitchell. So, from here onwards, Andrew Mitchell I uses the first person as that is much more sensible for a homepage!

Andrew and Margaret SkiingSmiggin Holes

Hobbies Etcetera

Over the years I have developed quite a few hobbies... many of which cause interesting interactions with each other!


I am a member of a
Christian ski club, the Fellowship Ski Club of Australia which owns a lodge at Smiggin Holes in NSW. My parents were founding members, so I have been down to the snowy mountains almost every year since I was one year old.


Ever since my father spent $20,000 on an early computer for work back in the 1970s, I have had computers around (and a father with a keen interest in them). I started programming back in primary school... and haven't stopped since! Smiggin Holes snow


Since honeymooning in 2000 (where quite a large number of photographs were taken by my wife), I have developed an interest in digital photography. Initially it may well have developed with a mind to saving photographic development costs for Margaret's photography, but soon developed into a hobby of my own. A large number of photographs can be found on My Photo Gallery including all recent photographs (automatically uploaded to the gallery of course).
gardenwater irisarum lilly

Landscaping and Gardening

When we moved into Voyager Point, we found ourselves with a large block of land (1144 square metres) that was almost totally devoid of life, at least until the weeds took over. Since then I have taken up landscaping/gardening as a hobby and we now have a nicely landscaped garden! I'm not the sort of person that enjoys weeding or watering, however, so I have certainly gone the low maintenance route... what is the point of a garden if you spend most of your time in it maintaining it?

In our first winter the temperature dropped to six degrees Celsius below freezing (lower at ground level)! This is quite an issue for a tropical garden such as ours. With more foliage cover now the temperature does not quite drop so low and we can plant a couple more species than we previously could.



Since 2000 I have been keeping tropical fish. A large 1300 litre tank dominates our lounge room, full of aquatic plants, discus, cardinal tetra, clown loaches and an assortment of other fish.

I have successfully bred angelfish and guppies (neither particularly intentionally). My discus have laid eggs many times but have not progressed further, probably due to some of the other fish in the tank.


I guess I have always had some interest in the weather. We now own a home weather station and upload the data to WeatherUnderground (see image and link to the right). In addition, I have written code to draw up some pretty graphs (primarily for my own use). The following graph shows the cumulative rainfall at home for the last couple of years and compares it with the expected rainfall at Bankstown Airport (according to Bureau of Meteorology figures). You can see why Warragamba Dam's levels are so low! Sydney Cumulative Rainfall

Combining Hobbies

I guess it is not at all surprising that I have applied my photographic skills to all my other hobbies, although I guess I have more applied my computing skills to photography than the other way around!

I have an extensive 40-zone computer controlled watering system for the garden. I have naturally programmed the system to manage data from the weather station (e.g. rain, temperature) to determine when any particular zone needs watering and how much water it needs. Furthermore the system decides based on Sydney water restrictions, estimated water in the rainwater tank, etcetera, whether to water using the rainwater tank, Sydney water or, if required, to email me to ask me to water a particular area which is only irrigated by a system which is not permitted (using Sydney water) under water restrictions and the rainwater tank is dry!

Naturally the water changes for my large aquarium are computer controlled and integrated with the irrigation system, the aquarium itself is aquascaped (landscaping for under water) and I maintain several website such as the one for my ski club.

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